The Top Saddlery can take the confusion out of Horse Rug sizing. Check your horses height against our table. Horse Rug Sizes Use the below chart to determine the best rug size for your horse. All rugs are measured from mid chest to back of the horse's hind leg (apart. An example is Bucas which has in-between sizes such as cm, cm, cm and so on. This can be great if you have a horse that is between two sizes. But. Horse Rug Sizing · PLEASE MEASURE YOUR HORSE OR AN EXISTING RUG THAT FITS YOUR HORSE THESE ARE THE ACTUAL MEASUREMENTS OF BACK ON TRACK RUGS · cm WITHER TO. Horse rugs are sized in feet and inches with 3” increments. To measure your horse for a rug, use a soft tape measure and measure horizontally from the centre of.

Measure in a straight line from the centre of the horse's chest (where the top chest buckle would sit), around the shoulder, along the side of the belly to. As a general guide, we only recommend a COB size hood with a 6'0 rug which fits the majority of horses, and only order a Full Size hood if you are % sure. A. Rug Size Chart ; 4'9, 95cm, - ; 5'0, cm, - ; 5'3, cm, - ; 5'6, cm, - ; 5'9, cm, - A Comprehensive Guide on How to Measure Your Horse Rug ; 4'6", , 10 - hands ; 4'9", , - 12 hands ; 5'0", , 12 - 13 hands ; 5'3", , 13 - You should be able to fit a hands width between the rug and your horse above the wither and all of the way around to the shoulder. Belly. To measure your horse for a rug, as an approximate size guide, you can measure from the centre of their chest right around the horse to the back of their rump. This is the most accurate way to get the correct rug size. Measure in a straight line from the center of the horse's chest (where the top chest buckle would sit). Horse Saddlery. Flat Rate Postage of $ up to 5kgs. Super Horse Saddlery. SUPER HORSE RUG SIZING CHART. Categories. AP/Jump Cut Saddle pads · Arena and Jump. All rugs are sized in feet and inches with 3" increment. If your horse/pony is between sizes, you are usually better to go up a size rather than down, unless. To get an approximate sizing, measure in a straight line from the center of the horses chest, around the shoulder, along the side of the barrel and belly and. So if you take both of these measurements it will help you to understand the rug sizes in the store, or online. Generally, depending on your horses size you.

Horse Rug Sizing For the body length of the rug, measure an existing rug from the middle of the chest to the end of the rug. The back seam measurement is from. Rug Fitting Charts ; Bottom measurement (feet), 3'9", 4'0", 4'3", 4'6" ; Bottom measurement (inches). 45", 48", 51", 54" ; Back measurement (cm), 90, 95, , Sizing Chart ; Horse Height / Metric Size, Rug Size (Aust), Rug Size (NZ) ; Under 9hh – cm, 4'0, 2'9 ; hh – 10hh – cm, 4'3, 3'0 ; 10hh – hh – cm, 4'. Horse. 9 Hands. & under. – Hands. 10 – Hands. – Hands. 12 – Hands. 13 – Hands. 14 – Hands. – Hands. 15 – Horse rugs go up in 3 inch intervals so you may find that your horse doesn't measure as an exact rug size, for example, 6'2 (the closest rug sizes are 6'0 or 6'. What size rug does my horse need? When measuring your horse, please measure from the centre front of your horses chest to where you want the rug to end on the. Horse rug sizing​​ In the UK, rug sizes go up in three-inch intervals, from as small as 3ft or 3'3 for mini ponies, to 7ft or even larger. This does mean that. For Finer Breeds. Finer or more angular breeds of horse may need a rug size slightly smaller than the A-B measurement from chest to rump, to ensure the rug is. When choosing a Zilco rug, you must consider the measurement of the horse in relation to the size of rug it needs. This is important to ensure an optimal fit.

Horse Rug Size Guide. Horse Rug Size Guide. Horse Rug Size Guide. DairineT+ Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Horse Size, CM, INCHES, FEET, CM ; Petite/Pony, , 45, 3'9, 75 ; Petite/Pony, , 48, 4'0, Starting at the centre of his chest, measure in a horizontal line to the point just behind his quarters. If you find that your horse's measurement is already a. How To Measure Your Horse For a Rug ; 5ft 6in, 14hhhh ; 5ft 9in, hhhh ; 6ft, hhhh ; 6ft 3in, 16hhhh. The chest area · Optimal position: place your hand on the underside of the horse's neck. If the chest area is buckled tightly without tension, the rug will fit.

Horse Rug Size Guide. Horse Rug Size Guide. Our Brands. AKUBRA · ARIAT · PURE WESTERN · R.M. WILLIAMS · THOMAS COOK · WRANGLER · GRAINGE · PDS · THOROWGOOD. Here's a horse rug sizing guide that will help you get the proper size of your horse rug before you order. We also include the rug measurement chart. Three easy ways to find the best size rug for your horse: Remember, most manufacturer's make rugs in 3 inch increments - see rug size chart here. We have.

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