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You will know that you have truly become a dyed-in-the-wool BMX parent when:. How to Recognize a BMX Parent You will know that you have truly become a dyed-in-the-wool BMX parent when: Someone in your neighborhood ask you how old your kid is and you reply “10X” You automatically load up the bike and you’re only going down to the corner store. You fall asleep at the wheel of your car and it takes you to the track instead of home. You may be late for work but your never late for sign-ups. Your kids bike is insured for more than your car. You develop a craving for hot dogs and polish dogs.

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So, I was randomly website hopping and I found this. Why am I posting it? So here:. We are good with our hands 2. We can go for long periods without taking a break 3.

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The sport of BMX was created by kids, for kids. Thus, BMX was born. That desire and vision has evolved into a full-blown sport in which riders compete on established dirt tracks elevating themselves to “hero” status. A typical race around a BMX track will last about 50 seconds pitting a rider against up to 7 other riders all going for the gold. Races are organized according to age group and skill levels, so everyone gets the opportunity to compete on a fair level.

There are no coaches deciding who gets to play everyone gets into the action. For many families, BMX racing becomes a weekly ritual. Spectators are always FREE and everyone is welcome to come and cheer on the racer or racers in the family or other friends. It is also quite common to see mom, dad, brother and sister ALL racing within their own classes. One fundamental aspect of BMX racing is that participants will compete with others their same age and skill level.

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You will know that you have truly become a dyed-in-the-wool BMX parent when: You can’t remember the birth date of your spouse, but you can remember the.

Street Rat Thought you guys might like this 1. We know how to ride hard and fast. Not afraid to get physical. Great balance in any position. We have a great grip.

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Freestyle BMX (bicycle motocross) and ‘extreme sports’ in general are considered edgework usually up to date on BMX culture (i.e., BMX videos, clothing, etc.).

He’s since moved on to a bigger and brighter future in Hollywood, most recently as director and co-writer of the newly released film ” Where The Wild Things Are ,” but for a few years, way back in the mid-’80s to early-’90s, BMX claimed Jonze as one of its own. It started innocently enough. Jonze, whose given name is Adam Spiegel, was a teenager in suburban Bethesda, Md. Given the infamous nickname Spike Jonze by his co-workers at the shop, Jonze entered a photography contest in Freestylin’ magazine and won.

He will be helping out both mags and will probably head up any special projects we come up with in the near future. Under the direction of Freestylin’ editors Mark Lewman and Andy Jenkins, Jonze literally “freestyled” his way into a role as photographer and associate editor at the magazine. I was also around a lot of photographers, so it was like photography school,” said Jonze.

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The Palms neighborhood has a long bike history dating back to the s; click and zoom in to read. Thanks to Jonathan Weiss for the image. By , BMX racing was thriving. According to Weiss, Palms is already one of the most bike and pedestrian friendly neighborhoods in the City, and he sees it being even more so when the Expo bike path opens.

That, too, can and should be marked on the Expo Bike path, though there are currently no plans in place. Thanks to Jonathan Weiss for sharing his research with us, and his help in putting this together. Look for the red arrow marking reference to Palms; image courtesy of Jonathan Weiss. Thanks for sharing the Herald article about the race. People often forget the rich history of cycling and racing in SoCal. Little known history but not unknown history. To the truly core enthusiasts among us the historical significance of Palms Park to the sport of BMX is very well and widely known.

Palms was the first and needs to be more widely recognized for it.

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Some of the earliest documentation of kids on modified 20″ Schwinn Stingray bicycles racing around a vacant lot date back to Unbeknownst to these kids, who were only trying to imitate their motorcycle racing idols, they created a sport of their very own. Chances are, kids all around the country were doing the same thing in dirt lots of their own; converting their Schwinn Stingrays to MX machines.

This same scene of youthful energy and American resourcefulness could have possibly been going on in Nebraska, Florida, Texas or New Jersey.

the age of 8 the opportunity to tune their BMX racing skills in a fun non-​competitive environment. This membership is valid for 12 months (from joining date).

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