Quality, Affordable Lawn Care. Bring Out The Best In Your Lawn Today. Qualified Lawn Experts. Deep Green Lawns. Eradicate Weeds Moss control and turf hardener. Liquid Turf Hardener / June PRODUCT SAFETY DATA SHEET. HEADLAND LIQUID TURF HARDENER. A liquid nitrogen fertiliser containing calcium and magnesium for. Turf Hardener and autumn/winter biostimulant · Promotes stress-resistant, healthy plants · Hardens the grass against wear and enhances disease resistance · Reduces. Cleenly Iron Sulphate for Lawns 10kg Pure Lawn Tonic Ferrous Sulphate of Iron Lawn Greener and Turf Hardener. Sold & shipped by HSDONLINE. Iron Sulphate is an Iron rich and long-lasting fertiliser that will encourage strong growth and healthy dark green grass and act as a turf hardener. Used by.

Multi-Purpose – Envirostik – Hardener Included. Login to see prices · Compare. Category: Artificial Grass Accessories. Share: Shipping & Delivery. Turftak2 Two-Part Artificial Turf Install Kit. Turftak2 Installation Kit was developed to quickly and efficiently install synthetic turf for large projects. We offer a range of liquid, soluble and spreadable turf hardeners based on the different forms of iron. We also offer a product based on calcium and magnesium. consist of component A, a thick paste, and component B, a uid hardener. The mixing ratio between the two components is (). When the two components are. Metaleur Trading Private Limited - Offering Turf Glue,Envirostik Hardener / Turf Glue Part B / Envirostik Green Glue, फ्लोरिंग गोंद at Rs /kg in. ✓ Turf Hardener and autumn/winter biostimulant. ✓ Promotes stress-resistant, healthy plants. ✓ Hardens the grass against wear and enhances disease resistance. Lawn Sand for fine turf applications. Containing high percentages of iron and sulphur provide an effective green up of turf surfaces. Turf, Fake Grass Or Artificial Grass Multi-Purpose Wet Fix. Turf and Artificial Grass. Turf and Artificial Grass Menu. Turf and Artificial Grass · Turf · Artificial Grass. Bricks Blocks and Lintels. Bricks Blocks and. hardening, non-seperating, cream hardener formulated Synthetic TurfSynthetic turf and artificial grass are increasingly popular alternatives to natural grass. Lawn Tonic- Lawn Conditioner and Turf Hardener. Dry Powder soluble in water A 1kg tub covers approximately sqm for grass greening and sqm for turf.

Multi Purpose Envirostik Adhesive is a two component polyurethane based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding and joining artificial grass. A foliar turf hardener based on cations with double charges, designed to strengthen cells to make the plant more resistant to disease and stress. £ Exc VAT (All Seed Products Zero VAT). Add to basket · headland liquid turf hardener-Greentech Sportsturf. Headland Liquid Turf Hardener – 10ltr. £ The hardener (component B) has to be added completely to base (component A) The adhesive is developed to have excellent bonding on virtually all types of. Pro-Kleen Lawn Tonic Liquid Iron Sulphate Quality Ferrous Conditioner, Fertiliser, Grass Greener, Turf Hardener | Long-Lasting for a Healthier Looking. In January / February is similar to the Winter treatment, we tackle the moss and apply a turf hardener. This treatment helps to keep your lawn healthy. Turf hardener formulated to strengthen turf and improve disease resistance suitable for fine turf, outfield areas and for winter games pitches. hardening, non-seperating, cream hardener formulated Synthetic TurfSynthetic turf and artificial grass are increasingly popular alternatives to natural grass. A technical turf hardener suitable for application at any time of the year, particularly the beginning or end of the season when lower levels of.

5kg Multi Purpose Adhesive is a two component polyurethane based adhesive system (c/w hardener bottle) primarily designed for bonding sand artificial grass. Formulated to strengthen the turf, improve disease resistance with the added benefit of Magnesium (Mg) being mobile throughout the plant, it is involved with. ” After hearing how the tank-mix of Liquid Turf Hardener, Turfite® Elite and Seamac® ProTurf Fe, together with Mantle, had worked effectively at other clubs. Application: 9 parts of Turf Adhesive and 1 part of turf hardener by weight should be mixed together for two minutes; Apply the mixture to a prepared. hardener component 2c.. •. (hardener 10). Potlife Several hours before joining the seams, roll out and lay the synthetic turf in the desired place.

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Profix & Hardener is a two part adhesive ideally suited to warmer conditions for roll joins or when fixing artificial grass to hard areas such as decking or. Produced from the seaweed laminaria digitata, considered the finest for use on sports and amenity turf Acts as a turf hardener, increasing resistance to. turf without encouraging unnecessary growth. Lt covers 1 Hectare in Lt of water. Other Products. View All. 20Lt + Volumes. Turf Hardener. The last treatment of the season, a moss control and turf hardener to prepare your lawn for winter ready for the following spring. The fertiliser we apply.

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