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A quick overview of how to date Lefton china labels. Dating Lefton china labels. This should help narrow down the date of your item. History of Lefton China Lefton China can be identified by the marks on the base of each piece. Zoltan Lefton Company. Lefton was

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This should help narrow down the date of your item. Dating Lefton china labels. Another site that explains marks and dates is Nancy’s Collectibles. Also.

A quick overview of how to date Lefton china labels. This should help narrow down the date of your item. Dating Lefton china labels. Also, eBay is a good place to find the current going price for some pieces. Just remember that prices there fluctuate greatly. It all Some years ago I found this info on dating Lefton china and figurines on the internet Another site that explains marks and dates is Nancy’s Collectibles.

He was born in Hungary. Although he earned a living as a designer and manufacturer of sportswear, his hobby was collecting fine porcelain. Lefton China produced in Occupied Japan included a wide range of pieces, dating from to Designs ranged from delicate, formal pieces with gold edging and soft floral patterns to the whimsical and playful designs of the s. Lefton was also a well-known importer of lady head vases.

The company began in George Lefton died in and the company was sold in but the mark Lefton is still being used.

Lefton marks dating website

Q — I have two Japanese figurines dressed in white kimonos trimmed in gold. A — George Zoltan Lefton was the driving force behind Lefton China, a china importing and marketing organization. Until the mids, Japanese factories made the vast majority of Lefton China. After that date, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan became the principal supply sources. Most Lefton pieces are identified by a fired-on trademark or paper label.

Numbers found on pieces are item identification numbers.

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Lefton Marks Dating Remember these are foil or paper labels, not marks. Large crimson label with gold or silver trim. Reads Lefton’s Exclusive Japan; Jul 28, – A quick overview of how to date Lefton china labels. Learning your maker marks is key when you’re hunting vintage treasures. Pick a. The situation is as.


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Dating Lefton china labels. Another site that explains marks and dates is Nancy’s Collectibles. How To Date Lefton China Labels – Just Vintage Home.

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Its signature logo, the crossed swords, was introduced in to protect its production; the mark of the swords is reportedly one of the oldest trademarks in existence. A collection of pottery marks using photos and images from our antique collection For easy reference and as a quick guide to the possible attribution of your latest porcelain collectible or pottery marks. Multiple variations of this mark with additional Meissen Porcelain and Antiqes is a illustrated online store.

Originally in Dresden it was moved to the Castle of Albrechtsburg in Meissen, in where it was felt that the secret of porcelain making could be better protected. Meissen or something?? Known to be of the most famous porcelain manufacturers since when the factory was established in Dresden, Germany, with its signature mark of crossed swords.

This is the most comprehensive book written on Lefton China to date. display of manufacturing marks, and over color photographs of Lefton’s figurines.

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In Europe, blue and white porcelain was produced from soft-paste, or French china, a type of artificial porcelain made from glass fused with clay to make an opaque material, an imitation of authentic hard Inspired by the classic English country walled garden, Trellis combines soft yet colourful combinations of pastels with sweet pea illustrations, each item in the range having its own unique design.

Generally, china will either have rimmed or coupe plates. All our fine porcelain can be complemented by our extensive range of matching accessories. Some designer brands are offered under one company.

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Lefton china dates back to when a Hungarian immigrant arrived in Chicago and began importing china from Japan into the United States. Following World War II, this porcelain became even more popular because it looked expensive, but was usually very affordable. Identifying authentic pieces is important if you want to collect Lefton china. Choose what type of Lefton china you plan on collecting.

The company makes quite a few types of china such as figurines, holiday pieces and traditional decorative pieces such as plates. Decide on the pattern to collect, if you plan to collect decorative pieces rather than figurines. Most of the patterns were named after the dominate color in the set such as Brown Heritage, Green Heritage and Violet Chintz. Date your pieces by looking at the bottom and the identifying mark. Until the company used an image of a man riding a horse and then switched to the company name and “Made in Japan” until In the company began using the Lefton China name on all pieces, with a crown above the name, which is still used today.

Buy Lefton pieces only if the pieces are in good condition and free or chips or dings. The condition of the piece determines its price and value. Even a small chip automatically reduces the price of the piece and serious damage such as a crack can make the piece sell at half its value.

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Since the mids there have been a wide number of faked Nippon marks appearing on new porcelain. The first fake marks of the s were on blanks with decorations unlike that of original Nippon and were relatively easy to identify. Recent fakes have improved tremendously and have many of the features of originals such as heavy raised gold, pastel colors and very accurate copies of original marks.

The manufacture and decoration of pottery and porcelain has been a Japanese tradition for hundreds of years. Japanese porcelain has been commercially imported into the United States from the midth century. By the turn of the century, large quantities of Japanese porcelain were being imported and sold throughout the U.

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